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Subjective test series is the result of more than 25 years of glorious experience in the field of teaching and research by a group of teachers from schools of repute and excellence in the country.

Our team members have unmatched passion for teaching and developing the best and most relevant question papers and their model answers.

For remarkable success in school/board exam, three things are indispensable.
1. Learning by writing
2. Analysis of your answers
3. Guidance to write best answer
We do not commit any mistake in helping the students. It is needed and reasonable as students are our nation builders. So, no compromise on quality of teaching & assessment.

The Features –

1. Chapter wise tests
2. Revision tests (few chapters clubbed together).
3. Full syllabus tests.

Instructions and System

1. You will receive the question papers at your email id as per the schedule / requirement.
2. You can take the printout and attempt the paper on plain A4 white sheet on one side.
3. Use black gel pen.
4. Scan the answer sheet with Cam scanner or any other scanner
5. Send the answer sheet at within 48 hrs. of receipt of question paper
6. After evaluation, correction, modification to the answers and the model answer for left over questions, the answer sheet will be sent back to you at you mail id
7. You can discuss the discrepancies, if any, with the subject expert.
8. The answer sheet reaches you with in 72 hours of the receipt of the same.

The program is unique because

1. It does not disturb the regular time table of school, but provides immense opportunity to improve the results in exam.
2. Student may do the tests at home according to his/her convenience.
3. Student may choose tests as per the preference.
4. The tests have been designed on each chapter, one fourth of the syllabus, half of the syllabus and full syllabus.
5. Complete analysis of answers returned to the student along with corrections, model answers and suggestions.

Place of tests: Your home itself.

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