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(QUEST). Objective Question Bank Test Generation Software:-

In this module, multiple choice question papers can be generated. However, the database here caters exclusively for such competitive exams and the questions in the database are over 1.00,000 fresh questions and not just mere compilation of existing questions from past competitive examinations and other sources. This module has already been purchased by and is in use in some of the leading institutions preparing students for such competitive exams.

We prepare a different set of questions for different schools and institutions using our software tools.

The questions may include simple text ( containing three difficulty levels as Simple. Moderate and Tough), numerical data, and graphical data with separate fields for their answers and explanation to the questions including videos.

What the module can do for you:-
This software is useful for managing database and generation of question papers for off- line tests for any examination, professional or academic, based on multiple-choice questions (MCQ).
Question entry features i.e. Question entry for a particular subject in its proper classifications levels with
• Special characters support,
• Mathematical & scientific notations support with windows standard 'equation editor' tool.
• Objective question entry with proper answer explanations facility with redundancy check.

Question view facility
• Easy view of the questions and their complete details from question bank by just entering question numbers,
• Modification and deletion of questions.

Enhanced search facility
• By using search facility, user can easily list out the questions that are to be viewed or verified just by entering few words of the question.
System will find out those questions having terms user entered as search string to view complete details in subject (from all chapters).
Swapping, moving and copying questions
Questions can be
Swapped between levels of a chapter
Moved between levels and chapters
Copied to another question difficulty level.
Setting tests
Test names can be shared among classes / subject i.e. A test called 'model test-1' for instance can be set for more than one class/subject with different questions accordingly.
• Selected questions test
Test can be set with the questions selected by the user from different chapters of a subject.
• Random questions test
User can set test or random questions chosen by the system as if he/she specify number of questions from each level/chapter in a subject. • Range-wise questions test
Users can set test by specifying range of questions from each level of chapters in a subject.
Generating question papers
On command of user, system can generate questions papers, answer sheets and answer explanation sheets of tests with Microsoft word application. After selection of the questions as per the requirement of the user, reshuffling in the order of questions etc can be done. Those papers can be further printed out to distribute to the students to commence tests as in usual practice.
Record of tests generated
Record of all tests generated is maintained automatically. If the user wants to make a change in the final test generated by him, he can do so.

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