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The SETA Module provides the facility to generate subjective questions papers of any subject and class in both Hindi and English languages. Initially, using the software, a questions bank is created for the subjects and classes for which the questions paper is to be set.

While feeding the questions of any type such as True / False, Fill in the blanks, One word answers, Match the columns, Short answer questions, long answer questions, Questions with internal choice, Questions on passage etc. weightage of each question is entered. This also helps in retrieving the questions from the questions bank for setting up a question paper.

This module has a strong search pad that helps in selecting the type of questions from different lessons with different weightage. There is a facility of changing the weightage of questions and editing the question while setting up the questions paper. This saves precious time and helps teachers prepare a question bank, which is really a great asset for a school. Thus, the module allows teachers to prepare different sets of questions papers in minimal time and with maximum liberty of questions available at their disposal.

For setting up the question paper, the user has the option of selecting the questions randomly or specifically, be it type wise, chapter wise, weightage wise etc.

Easy to use

• Menu based system
• Context sensitive online help
• Keyboard shortcuts for common commands
• Simple data entry
• Minimum training required
• Minimum Time required for online help


• Complete facility of edition, deletion, additions, swapping, moving questions.
• Powerful Search Engine
Various options to search questions: B a particular word, according to the criteria and individual question.
• Search PAD
No need of Paperwork while picking questions during the test formation
Efficient Administration
• Password protected access to software and data.
• Built in backup and restore facilities to protect your data and to enable transfer of data between computers.

Descriptive Test Creation
Descriptive test creation is a four-step wizard, which can be made through:
Automatic selection: In this mode, software will randomly select the questions from the question bank, according to the selection criteria. So there will be no control of the user in selecting questions.

Opted selection: In this mode software will give you question numbers according to criteria of selection. You just need to pick each question from the list and add to the test or you can do it just by double clicking on the question number.

• Report of all the made, according to specific class, subject and chapter.
• Report of questions available in a particular chapter or subject of a class.
• Report of questions available according to question types such as LAQ, SAQ, T/F etc.