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The use of advance software language and Information technology in creating this module is suited to meet the most crucial part of grooming the future generations i.e. the students for their ultimate goal.

"Teaching, Assessing and Acting are the main points in the entire arena of educating a child." What do students need exactly is the performance check and analysis through efficient methods of their attempt followed by action to remove the problems well on time. Here, comes the importance of this module as a helping tool.

What this module can do for you:-

1. Maintaining student details:- Class wise, Subject wise, teacher wise
2. Reports on:- Subject wise marks; Data of tests taken; Merit/ Rank
3. Complete record of Question Papers
• Subject wise
• Class wise
• Section wise
• Answer sheet of students
• Corrected answer sheet
• Model answer by teacher
• Comment or remarks by teacher about general performance of class

4. Helps interaction between teacher & parents in PTM by having a glance at the student performance at a single click.
5. View marks obtained by a student in any test he/she has attempted.
6. View marks obtained by a student simultaneously in all tests student has attempted.
7. An authorized user can prepare annual report card of students taking into consideration weightage of internal exams. Weightage of internal exams can be customized.

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