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School Byte Infotech is a leading organization in the area of software solutions and academic content development. School Byte Infotech has built a reputation of providing quality administrative and academic software solutions and content inputs to schools, educational institutions and computer institutes.

Over the last fifteen years, School Byte has pioneered in successfully spreading the use of technology and implementation of software solutions. School Byte’s solutions have enabled educational institutions efficiently meet their requirements of managing diverse administrative and academic functions in an ever-increasingly competitive environment. Our dedicated team of software professionals and researchers have intensively studied the various academic and managerial functions of educational institutions. Based on our study, we have developed SchoolByte, a state-of-the-art school management and educational software solution that enables every educational institution to stay ahead of the competition with just a click of the mouse.

School Byte Infotech is an ideal software solution for every educational institution no matter how small or large. The different modules of School Byte are highly user friendly, easy-to-implement and cost-effective.

School Byte Infotech is also a recognized brand in the area of providing academic inputs to educational institutions and students. Our databank of academic content includes detailed study material and testing inputs in the subjects of Science, Maths, Social Science, English for classes VI to X, and Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology for Classes XI and XII including very relevant and comprehensive materials for NEET, IIT-JEE, etc.

In addition, we have an enormous databank exceeding 2,00,000 multiple-choice questions with answers and master hints for the medical and engineering entrance examinations. All our academic content is prepared through a dedicated network of highly experienced teachers and is regularly updated keeping in mind changes in the curriculum and testing patterns. School Byte Infotech has also developed an online intranet & online internet based testing solution that enables students to comprehensively assess their knowledge and improve their testing skills for various competitive examinations.

  "An educational institution is responsible for nurturing the future."
The primary responsibility of a school is to educate, groom and prepare our future generations for becoming positive contributors towards the overall betterment of society.
In addition to the responsibility of imparting quality knowledge inputs to its students, managing an educational institution in an effective and efficient manner is equally challenging. Various administrative and academic functions need to be performed on an continuing basis. These include


1. Front Office, Reception, Enquiries
2. Registration Forms
3. Registration, Tests & Admission
4. Parent-teacher meeting & interaction
5. Smart Communication With Students, Parents & Visitors
6. Student Record Management
7. Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff Management
8. Smart Attendance - Student & Staff (Using RFID/UHFID)
9. Examination Management
10. Timetable (Teaching & Examination)
11. Monitoring teaching schedules & teaching functions
12. Fee Management
13. Expenditure management
14. Payroll Management
15. Homework Management
16. News, Circular & Notice Board
17. Inventory Management
18. Transport Management
19. Library Management
20. Hostel Management
21. Objective Question Bank Generation Software (QUEST)
22. Subjective Question Bank Generation Software (SETA)
23. Subjective Test Evaluation Software
24. Intranet Based Online Testing System
25. Internet Based Online Testing System

For better management of administrative and academic functions, systems have to be put in place that ensure proper coordination between the different departments of the educational institution. Simultaneously, the system must effectively manage the flow as well as automatic updation of information on a regular basis.

School Byte is the only comprehensive and tested software solution that is capable of meeting every administrative and academic requirement of an educational institution. The different modules of School Byte are highly user friendly, easy-to-implement and cost-effective.

By adopting and implementing School Byte, an educational institution can better manage its resources and focus on its primary objective of grooming its students. The software facilitates improved communication and better flow of information between students, teachers, parents, employees, and others, if necessary. Once any information or input is fed into the system, School Byte ensures that a seamless and smooth flow of this input takes place between all modules. This facilitates reliable data management in the school.

School Byte has been developed using well-established Microsoft technology and standards and is a reliable server-based solution. This is what makes School Byte a powerful, flexible and user-friendly management and learning system.


1. Complete management of administrative and academic functions
2. Streamlines day-to-day management
3. Multi-dimensional processing and total management of all data
4. Efficient compilation, comparison and analysis of data
5. Reduces processing time of the data
6. No need of duplicate feeding of information
7. Data can be easily amended through authorized access
8. Eliminates errors
9. High security of data including prevention of unauthorized access to the database
10. Facilitates better coordination between various departments of the institution
11. Highly user friendly and cost-effective
12. Improves quality of services and enhances competitiveness
13. Easily up-gradable and expandable system
14. Helps accelerate student learning, growth and testing skills
15. Improves parent-teacher interaction
16. Smart way of students' attendance, Teachers' Attendance & Staff
17. Smart way of communication between school and students & parents
18. Facilitates intranet and internet-based testing system

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